IP Surveillance / Video Analytics Solution

IP Surveillance / Video Analytics SolutionIntelligent network-based video surveillance technology based on Internet Protocol (IP) can transform yesterday’s analog CCTV system into tomorrow’s feature-packed security management tool. And it is available today. The technology infuses the power of video into a company’s security infrastructure and delivers value not just to the security department, but potentially — through open architecture connectivity — to almost every part of a business and even to the bottom line. No wonder everyone is migrating to IP-based intelligent video surveillance.

Our IP Surveillance solutions include

  • Requirement analysis..
  • Presales site surveys and demonstrations.
  • Design and size cost effective solutions.
  • Supply and Integration of IP surveillance cameras in existing network infrastructure.
  • Supply and integration of Wired and wireless connectivity solutions for IP Surveillance.
  • Video monitoring and video analytic Software.
  • Supply and installation of recording and storage systems for IP surveillance.